Chevening Alumni Association Indonesia is Officially Launched

Chevening Alumni Association Indonesia (CAAI) was officially launched during Annual Chevening Alumni Gathering on 9 February 2017 at Le Meridien Hotel, Jakarta. British Ambassador HE Mr Moazzam Malik said that with more than 1400 alumni spread across 34 provinces in Indonesia,  the Alumni association will be a vital focal point for our network, and will allow the network to remain well connected long after people return from their studies in the UK.

The formation of Chevening Alumni Association has been long thought of since few years ago, initiated by UK Embassy representatives with the support of some Chevening scholars who engaged actively in alumni’s activities. With Dayu Nirma (LSE, 2013) as the first president, Chevening Alumni Association Indonesia aims to develop our alumni network further and strengthen the bilateral relationship between UK and Indonesia.

For their first year, the association already planned many exciting activities including hard talk, networking events (CheveRun and CheveDating!), community development, and many more! Get involved by following their official twitter @IDChevAlumni or instagram @idcheveningalumni. They are still looking for two volunteers to take the role of Membership Officer and Secretary so drop them an email at in case you want to volunteer.

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