Top Ten Universities in Indonesia with Most Chevening Scholarships Applicants

We’d like to express our thanks to all the Chevening Alumni who helped during the Chevening promotion and interview process. We received a record 3,782 applications for 2017-18 (twice the number from 2016-17).  We couldn’t achieve these incredible results without the help of our alumni promoting the scheme on campuses and workplaces throughout the archipelago.

University of Indonesia takes the top spot once again, with Bandung Institute of Technology close behind. Active promotion on campus saw Diponegoro University and Bina Nusantara University jump up our leader board this year. Our top 10 universities for Chevening Scholarships are:

Can’t see your alma mater here? Help us promoting Chevening Scholarships on your old campus by talking about your experience. Our Chevening promotional PPT can be downloaded here. Please get in touch with Mega if you need any advice.