UK eyes FTA with RI after Brexit


Linda Yulisman, Chevening Alumni 2016, covered Liam Fox’s visit to Indonesia for the Jakarta Post in April. She noted that, following Brexit, the United Kingdom will seek more trade opportunities around the world, and hopes to sign a bilateral free trade agreement (FTA) with Indonesia.

The UK last month formally started its two-year separation process from the 27-member European Union bloc that it joined in 1973. Prior to the process, it has begun informal talks with dozens of countries for post-Brexit deals, including with some of Asia’s biggest economies like China, India and South Korea.

Visiting UK international trade secretary Liam Fox said on Thursday that the UK would push for higher exports to Indonesia in the future although the current state of the former’s exports was “quite good”. Similarly, it also wanted to increase investment to benefit from Indonesia’s economic growth, abundant natural resources and demographic advantage.“For the UK, we need to widen our horizons and leaving the EU is an opportunity for us to look to trading and export opportunities, as well as investment opportunity into the UK and from the UK. We also expect to have partnership agreements to make the best of complementary capabilities with different economies,” Fox told The Jakarta Post.

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Source: The Jakarta Post