Alumni of The Month: Ahmad Fuadi

Picture: CNN Indonesia

Network and Alumni Officer of the British Embassy Jakarta, Mega Savitri, interviewed Ahmad Fuadi (MA Documentary Film, Royal Holloway, University of London in 2004).

Q: How did you begin writing? Did you intend to become an author, or do you have a specific reason for writing each book?
A: I started from writing diary when I was 13 years old because I often saw my mother writing her own diary. Then I launched my first novel, Negeri Lima Menara, in 2009. It’s a novel that aimed to celebrate an enlightening educational experience in Pesantren and to benefit many people through writing and stories. Every book I have a moral message to convey.

Q: How hard is it to establish and maintain a career in fiction writing?
A: Writing that in my opinion is self-defeating art, self-discipline, and art soften ego. It takes stamina to write long, for a long time, and no one asks when the deadline is.

Q: We heard that you just released a new book. Can you tell us about it and what makes this book special?
A: Alhamdulillah Novel “Anak Rantau” is currently listed in the number 1 position in the bestseller list of online bookstore The theme of the present moment matches our current situation. The themes include reconciliation, anti-hoax, anti-drugs and cultural roots. I hope this book can heal many wounds and cultivate many sorry. Novel Anak Rantau, thick with local content. In this novel there’s a message of for younger generation: to heal past wounds by making peace with the way I forgive, let go, then forget. This message may be compatible with the current situation of politically divided society. There are many immigrants, today, both wanderers in the true sense, people living abroad or wandering in the sense of living in this world, which in fact we will also wander someday in other lives. This novel is now still sold in online stores. If you want to get a signed version, it can be through my team at WA 085811292749. This book will be available in regular bookstores end of August.

Q: Do you have any messages for aspiring writers from Chevening alumni network?
A: Write from your heart, then it will touch your readers’ heart. Please follow my Instagram @afuadi and FB Fanpage “Ahmad Fuadi” for updates about my writing and my work.