Chevening Alumni Committee 2019-2020 Gears Up for New Programs

Thirty five years in the business of helping to educate Indonesian future leaders has put Chevening amongst the most-sought after foreign scholarships in Indonesia. Since 1983, it has financed and managed more than 1700 Indonesians earning a master’s degree in various UK institutions. As most alumni dedicated their professional lives in the home country, the Chevening’s have grown into a huge swath of resources across fields and platforms in Indonesia.

A Chevening Alumni Network has been set up in 2017 to ensure these resources benefit both the Alumni and the wider public across the nation. The current leadership (2019-2020) was elected in February and spar headed by Gita Syahrani (Chevening Alumni 2010 of University of Dundee on Climate Change & Energy Law and Energy). Ms Syahrani underscored the needs for each member of Alumni to be able to support and collaborate for greater impact both for the Chevening network and Indonesia. 

Amongst the programs her leadership proposed are the Pay It Forward through mentorship model, a Chevening Fund for future scholars of Indonesia and the Alumni Network Database. Starting this year, Alumni organization initiates a tradition of electing Chevening Batch Ambassador – representing alumni from each different year. To strengthen its commitment to support quality education and scholarship, the organization would also take part at this year’s largest conference for foreign scholarship the WISH Fair held Jakarta, October 23-24. An event dubbed the UK Tech Day will be conducted at the Fair with imminent tech speakers from a list of Chevening Alumni currently active within the industry. An inauguration of a new Alumni website and Podcast program are parts of the plan to also be kicked off during the event.

A total of 20 highly-enthusiastic former Chevening awardees team up for the period’s Alumni active organizers. Their biggest challenge to work effectively within the structure? Unsurprisingly, conducting a physical meeting between members. Alumni committee works on a voluntarily basis and thus contributing a slice of an Alumni’s already limited time, energy and brainpower. The demand to physically convene, Ms Syahrani notes, can therefore be overwhelming sometimes. Focusing only on maximum two big events per year is believed to provide more spacious room for more intimate and targeted engagements between the alumni. Whether you are an Alumni or hoping to be part in the future, the Chevening Committee is all ears for event ideas. Go suggest yours via email to also follow our @IDChevAlumni on Twitter and @idcheveningalumni on Instagram!