UK Day 2019: From Mentoring to Make Friend with Robot

Chevening Alumni Association Indonesia in collaboration with the British Embassy in Jakarta, the Indonesia Association of British Alumni (IABA), London School of Public Relations (LSPR), and Indonesia Mengglobal presents the UK Day 2019 in Jakarta on Saturday, October 26, 2019.

The UK Day 2019 marks the launch of a much-anticipated mentoring program for Chevening hopefuls throughout Indonesia. Mentors are alumni themselves and equipped with a myriad of study backgrounds including those in education, engineering, business, public policy, creative industry, urban planning, and digital technology. They are committed to tendering support and expertise to Chevening applicants through the mentoring scheme.

Deputy British Ambassador Rob Fenn on his opening message for the event said, “Chevening alumni make extraordinary contributions to nation-building and prosperity across the archipelago. We claim no credit for that. Their achievements are 100% “Made in Indonesia”. But we do take pride in our talent-spotting skills; and in the UK education system which nurtured their talent. The UK has one of the best higher education systems in the world. We are home to 18 of the world’s 100 best Universities. Since both our countries benefit from the Chevening phenomenon, I am delighted to play a part in publicising these scholarships and helping to launch our new mentoring programme, so an ever-widening circle of talent can apply

The event takes place at the LSPR Sudirman Campus, Jakarta. An interactive study themed “Study in UK 101” is presented to familiarise the participants with the Chevening Scholarship application. The UK-based scholarship offers a study opportunity for future leaders of 160 countries since 1983. The targeted group for the scholarship are those of the distinguished professionals with perceived eminent leadership qualities. Awardees of the Chevening are entitled to study for a Master’s degree at the majority of universities in the Great Britain. Indonesia has thus far contributed more than 1700 alumni to the Chevening program.

The UK Day 2019 also pays tribute to the highly contested idea of global technological change with a discussion themed Robot is My Friend: Welcoming Industrial Revolution 5.0′. Various speakers including the renowned creative thinker Yoris Sebastian elaborating the shape of future employment under the Industry 5.0. Other UK alumni join forces on a panel to discuss the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to focus on challenges and opportunities on the shift to Industry 5.0.

Gita Syahrani, President of the Chevening Alumni Association Indonesia, highlights the importance of understanding Industry 5.0 as a joint effort to overcome the challenges ahead for future Indonesian leaders to solve.

“The various panels with many experts are provided for us to see the core of the Industry Revolution 5.0 by advancing the ‘human’ side amongst all digital innovations. It means that Indonesia has a lot to prepare not only from the viewpoint of technology but also the corresponding policy and regulation to enhance the quality of our human resources. This preparedness to embrace the shift to Industry 5.0, including through the mapping of its challenges and opportunities, would dictate Indonesia’s place in the future,” Gita concluded.

IABA Treasurer, Yudi Hadori, expresses support for the event and introduction to the imminent topic of Industry 5.0 in Indonesia. “This is an event where both IABA and CAAI would like to exhibit the forwardness of the UK Alumni to embrace Industry 5.0 – an era dominated by the use of robotic and artificial intelligence,” said Yudi.

The host for the event, the London School of Public Relations (LSPR) in Jakarta conveys the pride of being able to support UK Day 2019. Further, LSPR would like to contribute more to the success of Chevening Scholarship provided by the UK Government.

“We would like to take part in the dissemination of information with regards to the scholarship, hoping for many more Indonesian students receiving the scholarship and be able to return to Indonesia with positive contribution to the nation and the country,” said Prita Kemal Gani, LSPR Founder and Director.