Every year, the Association hosts various kind of events in hope to provide the Chevening alumni a platform to gain and share new information and knowledge. For more information and participation please contact us at .

Upcoming Events

  • Chevening Youth Forum 2019 – Southeast Asia Edition
  • Chevening 35th Anniversary Celebration
  • Chevening Alumni Annual Gathering 2019
  • Cheve-Dating
  • Joint events with other UK institutions

Past Events

  • #CheveningDiversity
  • Hard Talk: Countering Terrorism in Indonesia
  • Hard Talk: Renewable Energy in Indonesia
  • Woman in Tech Discussion and Apple Academy Indonesia Campus Tour
  • Hard Talk – Urban Transportation
  • CheveRun
  • Urban Recycling
  • Nonton Bareng (“Nobar”) English Premiere League

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    Hi there. Please kindly inform me of your events. Thank you


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