Rundown Chevening Youth Forum Southeast Asia Edition | 19-20 January 2019 | Jakarta, Indonesia

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The Chevening Youth Forum (CYF) – South East Asia Edition is a platform to bring together Chevening Alumni and up to 300 young future leaders from across Southeast Asia to discuss insights, challenges and opportunities to the progress and development of ASEAN, aimed at creating opportunity for Chevening alumni members to contribute to the development of the region through engagements with the young leaders.

The Chevening Youth Forum (CYF) was inaugurally convened by Chevening Alumni Brunei and Chevening Alumni Malaysia in March 2018 in Kuala Lumpur. The 2nd Edition of CYF – South East Asia Edition is jointly hosted by Chevening Alumni Indonesia and Chevening Alumni Brunei and will focus on the theme “Empowering Youth for ASEAN 4.0” to collectively explore how youth can lead ASEAN into the 4th Industrial Revolution. The forum format consists of forum sessions, shape session as well as open space session on diverse topics with the goal of sparking collaboration and inspiring action.


About Chevening

Chevening is the UK government’s international awards scheme aimed at developing global leaders and is funded by the UK’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) and partner organisations. Chevening offers a unique opportunity for future leaders, influencers, and decision-makers from all over the world to develop professionally and academically, network extensively, experience UK culture, and build lasting positive relationships with the UK.


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Alumni of the Month: Wahyu Dhyatmika


To celebrate National Press Day on 9 February 2018, Network and Alumni Officer, Mega Savitri, interviewed Wahyu Dhyatmika (University of Westminster, 2004), Editor in Chief

Q:    When and what did you study in UK?
A:    I studied International Journalism in University of Westminster London, and finished in 2005.

Q:   You are known as an investigative reporter and an editor for Tempo Media Group. What motivates you to work in this field?
A:   I work as a journalist because I believe the public can make good decision for themselves only if we are better informed about it. Good journalism is essential for any democracy because it ensure a transparent and dynamic public discourse on matters of public interest.

Q:   Based on our knowledge, you were involved in cross-border investigations such as SwissLeaks and Panama Papers. How did you get involved and what kind of impact you’d like to achieve?
A:    Cross border investigation projects is a new trend in journalism nowadays, because news organizations around the world start to realize that we need to collaborate and work together as a global team. One of the reasons is because now issues and challenges have become trans-national and crossing borders as well. Environmental issues, tax avoidance cases, corruption, etc, now involve multiple players from different countries. The only way to better report it is by working together across newsrooms.
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Annual Chevening Alumni Gathering 2018

Dear Chevening Alumni,

The British Embassy Jakarta is delighted to invite you to attend the Annual Chevening Alumni Gathering 2018. Please check event details as follow:

Date      : Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Time      : 18:30 – 21:00 hrs (Kindly arrive 30 minutes before the commencement of reception for registration)

Venue  : Sasono Mulyo Ballroom, Le Meridien Hotel, Jalan Jenderal Sudirman Kav 18 – 20, Jakarta

We would be grateful if you can send your RSVP by email to by Monday, 5 February 2018.

This is a very good opportunity for you to meet returning alumni (batch 2016-17), your fellow Chevening Alumni from across the years, Embassy staff, and our sponsors. We will provide more food options and music performance for your entertainment.


We look forward to seeing you there.

Alumni of the Month: Haris Azhar

To celebrate Human Rights Day on 10 December, and to mark the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Mega spoke to Haris Azhar (Essex University, 2008) about his new NGO.

Q: You are known as one of Indonesia’s most prominent human rights activists. What motivates you to work in this field?

A: ​I was moved and motivated to work on human rights issue since I was in undergraduate–law school in Trisakti University. I was in the middle, witnessing the shooting to the thousand of student colleagues on May 12 in the front to my university. ​At that moment I experienced firsthand the human rights abuses I used to hear about during Soeharto’s New order regime. That moment committed to my dream to be a lawyer who could benefit a large number of other people. A week after I was graduated I joined KontraS working under Munir, the Coordinator at that time.

Q: What has been the greatest challenge you have faced in your career and how you overcome it?

​A: There are several challenges working on human rights in the Indonesian setting. First, the negligence of the government to commit to human rights standards. Especially these days, where populism dominates political campaigns rather than addressing the real substance of rights. Human rights are being subordinated by the interest of the political community.

Secondly, the shrinking space for civil society is a concern. Civil society face increasing restrictions by the government and conservative groups, limiting the space for expression.

Thirdly, the challenge to expand the human rights movement. The growth of  the human rights movement in Indonesia continues but there are some weaknesses; where knowledge of certain human rights is not well developed even among the human rights practitioners. Some of them have taken the side of the government or political interests blindly. There still remain too many gaps between academics, survivors, and advocates.

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UK Alumni Thematic Dinner in Surabaya

Hello Surabaya!

British Council and British Embassy cordially invite you to attend UK Alumni Thematic Dinner this October!

We are inviting prominent UK Alumni who are active and passionate in their field of work to share and discuss about The Future of Urban Transport in Surabaya.

Venue                  : Airlangga Room, Bumi Surabaya City Resort, Jl. Jend. Basuki Rahmat No. 106 – 128 Surabaya

Day/Date             : Friday, 20 October 2017

Time                      : 17:30 to 21:00 (WIB)

Moderated by: Sita Supomo (Senior Program Manager Indonesia, IDH The Sustainable Trade Initiative)

List of Speakers
1. Faela Sufa, Vice Country Director of ITDP Indonesia.
2. Julison Arifin, Senior Advisor of PT Bukit Asam Trans Pacific Railway.
3. Representative of Surabaya Government (TBA)

Please register your attendance here by Tuesday, 17 October (Limited seats available)

Launching #CheveningDiversity Campaign

Chevening Alumni Association Indonesia with the support from British Embassy Jakarta launched #CheveningDiversity campaign at Go-Jek Indonesia HQ on 27 August 2017. The aim for the campaign is to promote religious and cultural tolerance which highlights the diversity of UK and Indonesia relation through arts and culture discussions event.

During the launch, we screened Amnesty International Media Awards 2016 Shortlist film, Palmyra by Chevening Alumni Syria (2015/2016) Areej Zayat, and followed with an exciting discussion with Chevening alumni Riri Riza, Ahmad Fuadi, and Swastika Nohara. Watch recording of the event here and find the photos here.

#CheveningDiversity campaign will continue with One Minute Challenge Video Competition that open for application until 1 December 2017. If you want to know more about Chevening Diversity and One Minute Challenge Video Competition, LIKE Chevening Diversity Facebook Page and Instagram Account.

Alumni of The Month: Alexander Sriewijono


Network and Alumni Officer, Mega Savitri, interviewed Alexander Sriewijono (Human Resource Management at University of Westminster, 2004-2005).

Daily Meaning is well known is known as people development consultant. Can you please tell us about how you start your business?

A: “Work should be more than just a source of daily bread”. That is the reason why I started DAILY MEANING. I am passionate in empowering people to go beyond “what they can get”, but to be more focus on “what they can give” as the impact of their presence. That is also the reason why I named this People Development Consultant Daily Meaning, as a reminder for me and my team, that in every single project we handle, there should be a meaning.

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Chevening Alumni will join ACYPL YSEALI Fall 2017

Alexander Nainggolan (Chevening Alumni 2015/2016) recently accepted as one of the five ACYPL YSEALI Fall 2017 participant from Indonesia. Each international fellows from each country will travel to Washington, DC for a 5-day program orientation, federal government overview, and cultural outings. At the conclusion of the program, fellows will return to Washington, DC for a 3-day Professional Fellows Congress where they will interact and share experiences and insights with 250 Professional Fellows from 50 countries around the globe.

Chevening Diversity Film Festival

After successful launching early this year, Chevening Alumni Association Indonesia is currently working on a project called #CheveningDiversity through Chevening Alumni Programme Fund. #CheveningDiversity is a religious and cultural tolerance campaign which highlights the diversity of UK and Indonesia relations through arts and culture discussions event.

The event will screen Amnesty International Media Awards 2016 shortlisted film, Palmyra by Chevening Alumni Syria (2015/2016) Areej Zayat. The documentary film about ISIS destruction in the ancient city of Palmyra sets as a trigger for knowledge sharing discussion about short film-making for tolerance campaign between Syria and Indonesian Chevening Alumni film directors. The discussion will enhance participants’ knowledge on using documentary and fiction film for campaign approach, and also learn from Chevening alumni reflexivity on their religious and cultural tolerance experience in the UK. Furthermore, this event will launch the short film competition 1 Minute Challenge for Indonesia and Chevening Alumni Asia. Read more

Alumni of The Month: Ahmad Fuadi

Picture: CNN Indonesia
Network and Alumni Officer of the British Embassy Jakarta, Mega Savitri, interviewed Ahmad Fuadi (MA Documentary Film, Royal Holloway, University of London in 2004). 

Q: How did you begin writing? Did you intend to become an author, or do you have a specific reason for writing each book?
A: I started from writing diary when I was 13 years old because I often saw my mother writing her own diary. Then I launched my first novel, Negeri Lima Menara, in 2009. It’s a novel that aimed to celebrate an enlightening educational experience in Pesantren and to benefit many people through writing and stories. Every book I have a moral message to convey.

Q: How hard is it to establish and maintain a career in fiction writing?
A: Writing that in my opinion is self-defeating art, self-discipline, and art soften ego. It takes stamina to write long, for a long time, and no one asks when the deadline is.

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